Key facts & figures 2022

1,744 employees including numerous specialists, engineers, doctors, agronomists, veterinarians, technicians, experts and researchers, including 57 state doctors or persons authorized to direct research. IRSN also hosts the activities of 99 doctoral students and 17 post-doctoral students.

Gender Equality Index: overall score for the year 2022 of 89 points out of 100 (score details).​
​105 permanent recruitments in 2022.

38,052 hours of training provided to maintain the skills of the Institute's staff.

Human ressources

  • Employment contract

    1590 CDI / 154 CDD

  • Proportion

    46.10% women / 53.90% men

  • Non-executive

    60.60% non-executive women / 39.40% non-executive men

  • Executives

    42.85% female executives / 57.15% male executives

Technical support to public authorities and authorities

  • IRSN budget

    52.3% of the IRSN budget dedicated to technical support and public interest missions (excluding the Feurs project)

  • Opinions and technical reports

    489 opinions and technical reports to the Nuclear Safety Authority.

  • Technical opinions to the Defense

    75 technical opinions to the Defense Nuclear Safety Authority

  • Technical opinions to the Security

    65 technical opinions to the Security Authority in charge of non-proliferation


  • IRSN budget devoted to research

    39.3% of the IRSN budget devoted to research (excluding the Feurs project).

  • Publications

    256 publications listed in the JCR (Journal Citation Reports) in 2022

  • Scientific communications

    372 scientific communications at conferences in 2022

  • Theses defended

    25 theses defended

International activity

  • Bilateral agreements

    324 bilateral agreements in force with research or expertise organizations

  • Agreements

    44 countries concerned by these agreements

  • International projects

    70 international projects underway

  • Projects coordinated by IRSN

    11 projects coordinated by IRSN

Openness to society

  • Solicitation Local information commissions

    111 requests sent to IRSN by local information commissions

  • Participation in local information commissions

    20 IRSN presentations to local information commissions

Education and training

  • Education

    1,312 hours of external teaching (universities, engineering schools, INSTN, etc.)

  • Radiation protection training

    767 hours of radiation protection training provided

  • Nuclear safety training

    536 hours of training in nuclear safety

Intellectual heritage

  • French patents

    42 French patents in force (10 co-owned)

  • International patents

    69 patents in force abroad

  • Software and database

    30 software programs and databases registered with the Agence pour la protection des programmes (APP) - (7 of which are co-owned)


  • Recipes

    278 M€ revenue

  • Expenses

    285m of expenditure

  • Investment

    22m investment in equipment.