DAEI - European and International Affairs Division

IRSN, the French Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety, has long been involved in scientific and technological cooperation with many partners around the world, working on research and assessment in the fields of nuclear safety and radiological protection. In addition, IRSN provides services for certain partners, including within the framework of the funding programme from the European Commission’s Instrument for Nuclear Safety Cooperation (INSC).

DAEI's organisation chart

With a view to improving the way in which all our institutional cooperation programmes and such services are managed, the International Affairs Division (DAI) and the Business Unit for International Commercial Development (BU-DCI) is, as from January 2021, merged to form the European and International Affairs Division (DAEI). The main assets of this new “team” are the complementarity of skills and professions. The team is made up of pairs with the managers of international relations and those of international business development. Mobilizing the IRSN network of correspondents will create synergy between the Institute's activities and operational units.

The DAEI is tasked with implementing IRSN's general strategy with regard to bilateral relations, in Europe and worldwide, as well as to cooperation with European and international multilateral organisations. In addition, DAEI contributes to strengthen the position of the Institute's international expert in safety, security and radiation protection, and also to promote and manage the IRSN's commercial offer of services in the context of calls for tenders or over-the-counter contracts.

This new organisation enables to further strengthen the excellent relations that IRSN has forged on the international scene, both in the case of bilateral cooperation and cooperation within the national and international bodies in which we work together. Mr. Cyril Pinel (cyril.pinel@irsn.fr), who is the Director in charge of the DAEI, together with the Executive Director for International Business Development, Mr. Jean René Jourdain (jean-rene.jourdain@irsn.fr​), and Mr. Karim Ben Ouaghrem (karim.benouaghrem@irsn.fr), Deputy Director of European and International Affairs, are the key contacts.